Second letter


After learning of the destruction, deaths and the dying in the Irrawaddy Delta, after seeing photos of the devastation, I have been unable to sleep the last two nights.  This morning, people from our community went in their own cars to the Delta.  All the households donated what they could.  My son's family and I gave our clothes that we had in the cupboards, mosquito nets, two sacks of rice (knowing that soon there could be rice shortages in Burma — the devastation is in the rice-fields of lower Burma which lie in the Delta), the rug from our floor.  We will soon hear if these provisions have reached the correct hands.  The radio is speaking of the need to give the people injections to prevent the spread of disease.  My daughter-in-law (who is a doctor specialising in infectious diseases) would very much like to go and give assistance in the Delta.

Unable to sleep last night, my mind went in all directions, and now I write to tell you my thoughts.  Dear friends, have you made donations already?  If you have not as yet given to Burma, and would like to, why not send it to me?  I want to gather funds and together with 3-4 doctors, go in our own cars to the Delta, and give people medical help.

We hear that a lot of money has been given by the international community, a lot of food and provisions.  It is not reaching enough people.  The news is that those badly injured in the cyclone are still completely untreated.  This is why I am asking for donations.  The news is that those who have registration papers will be given a small amount of rice.  Those without papers (perhaps most of the survivors, who have lost everything, including their precious registration papers), will not be given any rice.  And if a family is big, they will have to eat rice soup!  I pray that the international aid that has been given will reach the people as quickly as possible.  I pray that the authorities will accept all the help that has been offered by the world community.

Here in Burma, groups of people, as well as individuals, are now going to the Delta to distribute rice.  They have been asked to please come again.  The newspapers tell of lots of people giving donations.  I cannot understand how those suffering have still not been reached.

As to your question, the giant trees that surrounded Kandawgyi (Royal Lakes, in the centre of Yangon) almost all of them fell down.  Many of them were pulled up by their roots.  You know they were very old trees.